What if germany won ww1

what if germany won ww1 The man in the high castle, by philip k dick, is an acknowledged classic of the alternative-history genre — the sort of books that imagine a world in which something important had gone differently (in this case, it's if the axis powers had won world war ii) the tv show of the same title, whose pilot is.

For the allies in world war two, the defeat of germany was their priority this was a war, ribbentrop ruefully concluded, that 'germany could have won' military arrogance and political hubris put germany on the path to a war she could have won only if these expectations had proved true top. Click here to watch part 1: the great war is over after brutal years of fighting, the german empire and the central powers stood victorious over the defeated allies at least in this alternate world what if germany had won the war how would this have changed. So, america's entry into the war was only a mixed blessing – it brought a quicker end to wwi, but made wwii inevitable, along with three times as many if even bismarck who was against german colonialism in africa because he rightly foresaw it will embroil germany into quarrels with the british empire. Images show scenes from the new five-part bbc drama series ss-gb, which is set in nazi-occupied london and is based on the premise that the germans won the battle of britain. From there, working with the americans, the allies could have planned for an invasion of africa, which in turn could have led to further incursions in italy and the balkans one thing's for sure, however, it wouldn't have been easy — especially if germany's subsequent invasion of the soviet union turned out. Here is a map that i made that is featured in my youtube video a pony perspective: how germany could have won wwi (part 3) it is based on research th if germany won ww1.

Many historians feel that germany was the main cause of wwi they say that germany wanted to expand its power and took aggressive actions that scared other countries in europe they argue that the german actions provoked other countries to form alliances against germany even if germany was the main cause of the. Or what if germany had not invaded belgium in 1914, not giving britain an excuse to intervene and thus making germany an enemy of the world's greatest empire, financial power and strongest navy on one hand without the chance to invade belgium germany would lose her best chance to defeat france. The mod starts in 1936 and contains extensive lore of what the world would look like if germany had been defeated in ww1 the mod includes unique figures such as adolf hitler and joseph stalin who did not exist when germany had won ww1 several nations have expansive focuses, as well as unique. What if that's the question asked in our list of the top 25 alternative histories in literature what if the germans won world war ii what if the confederates won the american civil war jon courtenay grimwood first part of the arabesk trilogy where the ottoman empire doesn't collapse after a different end to wwi.

A hypothetical axis victory in world war ii is a common concept of alternative history and counterfactual history such writings express ideas of what the world would be like had the axis powers of germany, italy and japan won world war ii numerous examples exist in several languages worldwide the term pax. Explanation: in robert harris' novel fatherland (the basis for a 1994 tv movie), nazi germany successfully invades russia in 1942 lapham suggested that, if the romans had won, world history would have been remarkably different, with a “roman empire preserved from ruin, christ dying on an. What happens when the bad guys win kaiserreich is the world's largest fan-built alt-history ip it's universe diverges from ours after a central powers victory in ww1 leading to a radically different ww2 france and britain topple to leftist.

Adolf hitler is a hero from the weltkrieg (if memory serves he was awarded an iron cross 2-3 times for honorable service) and died heroically on the russian front, stopping the red tide from surrounding germany in the coming years he will be part of a series on movies about heroes of wwi entitled our. All historic events are highly contingent if you take a bio-drama approach but biography happens in context, and the fact is that hitler wasn't exactly swimming against the tide yes, wwi was a factor, but there are enough structural factors which had nothing to do with whether germany won or lost wwi that. Want to know what happens when a nimitz-class supercarrier goes back in time to battle the japanese fleet at pearl harbor there's a movie for that what would the world be like if nazi germany had won plenty of novels paint a dark portrait would the third reich have triumphed if it had developed jet. Here's what america would be like if the nazis and japanese had won wwii the winners of the war — particularly the germans, who in the show's alternate history developed the first atomic bomb — are living in a technological and economic boom as great as anything america saw in the real.

Europe would have been different if germany had won in 1918 it would have been grim, repressive and unpredictable in many ways but there is a plausible case for saying many fewer people would have died in 20th-century europe if nothing else, that is worth some reflection the first world war was a. Video: new amazon show wonders what life would be like if germany won world war 2 the full the man in the high castle pilot has somehow unofficially made its way to youtube — which is where you can watch it if you're not already an amazon prime subscriber, as long as you can still find it.

What if germany won ww1

Within the context of this proposition, the world and the course of history would have been better off had we remained in isolation and germany had won the war one could make this assertion largely because of the results of wwi, all of which were extremely important first, four great empires in central. Ww1 would not exist germany wouldn't have won anything, really, remember they'd be about as strong as they were before the war not a superpower world war i would exist, as the central powers and the entente would've been duking it out across the world even if the war lasts for just a few months germany must.

  • The nazis wanted to get rid of the clutter of small nations which made up europe and their plan was quite simple the eu was hitler's dream daniel j beddowes and falvio cipollini 'the eu: the truth about the fourth reich - how hitler won the second world war' argues the single currency, the free.
  • The armistice and the treaty of versaille that followed were supposed end “the war to end all wars”, but ultimately led to far greater destruction just two decades later but what might have happened had wwi ended differently and how would history, and indeed the world, be different had the germans.
  • Let's germany mananges to win world war one what would be the ramifications of this victory what kind of peace would we see would the world.

In a way, this is a more interesting hypothesis than the more commonly asked question about what the world would be like if the germans had won world war ii several historians have noted that both world wars should really be considered a single conflict with a long armistice in the middle if this viewpoint is valid, then the. Alternate history - what if germany won ww1 | vim alternate historywhat ifthe europeanraw materialsgaingermanycountriesbritainweird alternate history - what if germany won. I think it all depends on whether the french army is destroyed or not if the french army is destroyed in 1914, then i think the germans win the war their land gains will be good to get back their colonies would the british rather have some marginally valuable colonies or bargain with the germans to obtain,. Nice map my friend, however the only way the russian empire could have won the first world war was if they have won the russo-japanese war, russia's war against japan was rather humiliating, thus if the imperial russian army had the better leadership they could have defeated the germans with a.

what if germany won ww1 The man in the high castle, by philip k dick, is an acknowledged classic of the alternative-history genre — the sort of books that imagine a world in which something important had gone differently (in this case, it's if the axis powers had won world war ii) the tv show of the same title, whose pilot is.
What if germany won ww1
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