What subject do i like best

Even if the subject you loved is not directly related to the job, you can still mention it be positive while you should be honest, you also want to stay positive answers like “i wasn't that interested in any subjects” will make you seem like someone without interests, and without drive use this question as a. Some of you love school, some of you loathe it entirely—but we all have that one subject that makes the school day a little bit more tolerable what we bet you while you do have plenty of friends, you'd much rather spend your days buried in a good book rather than out exploring the world your favorite. Sentences from the box • they like music and art • i'm a student at lincoln school • we play it in the gym and it's fun • we do a lot of exercises in class 1 my name is jenny i'm 14 years old 2 my favourite subject is maths it's hard but i love it 3 my best friends are daniel and laura they don't like maths 4 i like sports. Mathematics i was always fond of this subject maths always amaze me with it's tricks and twists it is just like our life it is simple and it doesn't suck but we all complicate it for no reason problem which most of the people face is complexity of maths but it is not at all complex it has a.

Maths geek or history nerd or were you more arty. You probably had a favorite subject in school but if you were questions are you more of a math person or a history person if you were a school subject, which one would you be find out now fun this test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever it is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :). And ditto with anything to do with computers, the internet and it in conclusion, then, choose a subject you think will be useful – but remember that most subjects are research the future career paths of the subject you love thoroughly before you dismiss it in favour something more 'employable. My favourite subject is called english because i really like writing and when i read any books, they are such interesting books ,well not the ones that are about i first didin't get what english was or what it does, so when i was in 3,4,5 and in year 6 i started to know what english was so then i started to like.

A book of short stories page 35 the subject i like best lorraine fuhrman i like the study of geography very much we are now studying the south central states the interesting thing about these states is the mississippi river hernando de soto discovered it with its branch, the missouri, it is the longest river in the world. However, a business degree itself does not automatically mean a high salary – though graduating from a highly reputed business school with strong grades is if this article's helped you decide you'd like to study business, the qs world university rankings by subject 2017 table for business is a good place to start your.

If you're not totally sure, what can you do to make sure you've picked the right course of study talking to people who teach the subject and students already on the course can give you much more of a feel for what it's really like, the kind of topics covered, and the style of teaching and studying (more on. English is in fact my favorite subject, and it means so much to our wonderful country where would all the books, authors, poets, even songwriters be, if they did not learn proper grammar in school english deserves so much more credit than 5th place+29 i've always liked english class i've always done well one trend that.

A crucial unit would be devoted to career self-knowledge: what job are you best suited to do ending up in a job that you like and believe in is perhaps the biggest attainment of all self-knowledge offers protection from the ravages of envy we get less bothered by the fact that others have more glamorous, better- paid. A recent survey by change the equation asked students how they feel about different classes computer science came in near the top, just behind graphic arts and performing arts, but ahead of english, math, history, science, and foreign languages kudos to the teachers and organizations who are helping. Whatever your approach, it's important to keep your audience in mind, and test keywords and phrases to see what they prefer in this the more you test each type of subject line, the more you'll come to know your subscribers and their preferences here are a few click how do i write a good subject line. Religious studies, on the other hand, doesn't do anything but help us respect – and avoid offending – certain religions how does my school has a subject called “extensive reading”, which is used to encourage students to read liberal studies is just plain nasty, so i want to remove this subject now.

What subject do i like best

what subject do i like best None.

I would like to know if there are any subjects or classes that you don't like i do i don't like geography it's very hard for me to remember and now i'm thinking that i 'm failing i get scared when i have a test because i'm afraid that i will fail make these more subject to your interest and get a good education. Have you ever wondered which subject sums you up play the quiz to find out whether you're more maths, art, history or something else entirely. Message # 7308 my favorite subject in school is english i love it because i used to take it for granted and think that since english was my primary language i knew everything about it at my new school i beagn to enjoy it all of the history behind it i also enjoy it because it combines all of my subjects in a.

Math continues its reign this year as the top choice for us teens' favorite subject in school where do many students who say math is their favorite subject like it because there are clear right and wrong answers unfortunately, some teens' reasons why certain subjects are their favorites have little to do with academics. If you are looking for more detail about what each degree programme offers, then our guides below can help you decide which subject fits your interests while it is completely fine to not know what you want to do after university, if you do have some idea and aren't sure which degree to go for, the table. Four simple questions to help you understand your personality this will help you work out the best degrees to consider for the job types that suit you.

Sure you took alot of subjects in school and you might, or might not have liked any of them with this quiz, you can find out your true favorite subject take this quiz what would you rather be doing what was/is your strongest subject in school what word do you know the definition of what is your favorite color when i say. We generally prefer applicants to have taken certain subjects, or combinations of subjects, because we believe that they are more likely to provide an effective while such a subject combination does provide a suitable preparation for many arts and social sciences courses (essay subjects) at the university, it can make you. What subject do you like best why write a paragraph.

what subject do i like best None. what subject do i like best None. what subject do i like best None. what subject do i like best None.
What subject do i like best
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